National Carnival Queen Donates To Alma Mater

(ZIZ News) — The National Carnival Queen, Orngel Erskine donated trophies to her alma mater, The Beach Allen Primary School on Friday during the school’s Sports Day event.

Queen Erskine said she was more than happy to donate and she hoped that the staff and students would value them.

“I would like to hand over eight trophies, boys and girls, Class 4, Class 3, Class 2, Class 1 for the respective individuals who earned them. This is part of my activity to give back to my Primary School and I hope that you cherish them and students cherish them as well”, Erskine said.

Principal, Emileta Warner-Paul accepted the trophies on behalf of the school and thanked Erskine for her contribution.

“As I’m standing here with the Deputy Principal and teacher responsible for the athletic aspect of the school, we want to express our appreciation for this gesture and I am sure the children who receive these would be elated to know that a past student who is now a Miss St. Kitts was able to give back to their school,” she said.

She continued “we are also encouraging other students who have been through the school to come back and give because this school is a unique school. We are not community based like the other schools that enjoy that community spirit so we will encourage all those who from Conaree, from Shadwell, from St. Peters and the New Road Housing area to come back and also to give”, she said.

This was the National Carnival Queen’s second project since winning the crown in December.

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