National Security Minister Empowers Police; No Nonsense Approach To Fighting Crime

(ZIZ News) — The Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris, the country’s Prime Minister and Minister Responsible for National Security, was obviously passionate when he addressed the opening ceremony of the National Dialogue on Sustainable Human Development and the Citizen Security Agenda.

Dr. Harris has said on numerous occasions that his government will take a no nonsense approach to crime fighting and on Monday morning, he echoed the stance and called on the community to help in that regard.

“I invite the national community, those who know something to say something because the lives that you may end up saving, it may be yours, your friend and your children,” he said.

The National Security Minister said the police must do more to reduce crime and bring perpetrators to justice.

“If it means the police has to find them hiding behind their sick grandmother go and find them…they are smart,” he said, adding “They will do everything. They will do everything to hold their space and the police must be trained to be one step ahead of them because ultimately, they are the legitimate and the legal agents of the state.”

“They are charged with the responsibility for maintenance of law and order and we must not allow the criminal elements to set up their gangs and control some of our neighbourhoods,” he added.

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