National Security Minister Pledges Government Resources to Improving Forensic Services Unit

(ZIZ News) – During a recent tour of the Forensic Services Unit [FSU], the country’s National Security Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris, said his administration will provide relief to that department to ensure that officers are able to improve their standard of work.

In response to concerns shared by Ancil Alexander, who heads that department, Dr. Harris committed government resources to improving the FSU.

“Where these can be costed, if we can have them, we certainly would want to do these before year end. And we make that commitment having not even seen it but because this government is absolutely committed to ensure that St. Kitts and Nevis return to the price place where it was a very long time ago but where it must remain,” the Prime Minister said.

He said while resources are limited within the government, the safety and security of citizens and visitors remain priority issues.

“We will spare no effort. I repeat, the Team UNITY Administration and I myself as the Minister responsible for National Security and for the time being, the Minister of Finance, we will spare no efforts to ensure that all the resources that are required and we justifiably can provide, we do so because the peace and security, we take that as cardinal responsibility of the government,” he added.

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