Natta scholarship applications open

SylvesterCharlesA(ZIZ)– The William Marcus Natta Memorial Scholarship Fund has begun accepting applications from fifth and sixth grade students at the Tucker-Clarke Primary School.

The fund will select two Tucker-Clarke students who have demonstrated academic excellence and civic involvement.

ZIZ caught up the principal of the school, Sylvester Charles who spoke about how this scholarship benefits the students.

“I think they are motivated to become like Dr Marcus Natta himself, who is the founder of this particular scholarship. And so, it will be greatly assisted as they move on to the upper grades at the high schools,” he said.

Charles also said that this scholarship is an incentive for the students to perform well.

“It has served as a motivator and so we figure that the scholarship is a worthwhile effort, it’s a commendable effort and we want to put our support behind Dr Marcus Natta,” he said.

Students with good moral character, a strong academic record and interest in the community are encouraged to apply by May 1, 2014.

For more information about the fund and to download application materials, you can visit:

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