Natural Arts Of Skincare Camp Engages Teenage Girls

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 13, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom):  Teenaged girls are learning best practices in the area of skincare this week at the Natural Arts of Skincare Camp hosted by Esthetics Beauty Parlor at the Anglican Church Hall.


Throughout the week, the teenagers have been exposed to information and skills relevant to their overall growth.


Owner of Esthetics Beauty Parlor Lesana Liburd outlined what has been taking place at the camp.


”This week we introduced our camp, our Natural Arts Of Skincare For Teenagers. So today we have our, we call it our fun day, we have makeup classes this morning and then this afternoon we will have a wig class. So Monday we had facials and natural skincare products yesterday was the breast cancer awareness class and an etiquette class. Tomorrow they will have to pitch. So we provided a pitch board so they pitch their business what they see themselves doing in the next five to ten years. What they see themselves doing doing, if they want to be like entrepreneurs they can put it on a pitch board and we’ll have judges as well and then Friday will be our end of camp.”


She said the feedback has been positive with requests for the camp to continue for another week.

“It’s been going good. The feedback has been going good. They wanted to go for another week, but I didn’t plan to go for another week, so next year God’s willing we will plan it bigger and better.”


CEO of Notorious Dolls Makeup Artistry Amber Stapleton led the morning session on Wednesday Morning. She said she was pleased to engage with the girls and share makeup tips with them.


“This is a wonderful feeling, having to interact with young teenage girls, showing them, you know, my passion, explaining to them my love for makeup, showing them, you know, the steps of

applying makeup. It’s a wonderful feeling. They’re loving it, they’re loving it, they’re loving it.

As you can see behind of me, they’re very interactive, engaged in applying the makeup.”


Some of the participants shared their impression of the camp.


”I’ve learned a lot about breast cancer and how to properly introduce myself and do a presentation properly and right now this is my favorite course, makeup because this is my passion and I just want to learn better and to do better,” said one participant.


“Honestly, this camp is very fun. I learned a lot, very interesting. It feels good to be out of the house for the week. Honestly, Lesana is doing her thing with this camp because I learned a lot.So I hope if she does this camp next year, more people come out because a lot of vibes, honestly,” said another.


The Natural Arts of Skincare Camp hosted by Esthetics Beauty Parlor took place from  July 10th to July 14th 2023.



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