NEMA’s NDC shares tips on disaster preparedness

CarlHerbert-1(ZIZ News) — As the country experienced the effects of Tropical Storm Gonzalo, National Disaster Coordinator with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Carl Herbert has called on the public to make final preparations and be safe.

Mr. Herbert, also asked for the public’s cooperation as information pertaining to the storm may change periodically as new details become available.

He also addressed the importance of having a disaster plan, which all employees and family members understand and can put into action quickly.

“We will work with any institution to help in the development of a plan. I always advocate, don’t see the plan as a big thick book; big thick manual that sits on a shelf. We encourage simple documents with clear given guidelines of who does what, when and how,” Herbert explained.

Mr. Herbert also gave some practical tips for families in particular to aid their preparations for disaster situations.

He said, “It’s the same thing we want persons to do at the family level, have discussions with your family about these hazards. If something happens, what should you do what should children do? If in the night the lights go out, what should we do? Do we have flashlights around etcetera? So you need to look at your surroundings, what are the vulnerabilities, what are the hazards you’re facing and depending on what the hazard is you take certain precautions.”

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