Nevis considers adding a Soca Monarch contest to Culturama Line-up

AntonioAbonatyLiburdB(ZIZ News) — The subject of adding a Soca Monarch Competition to the Culturama line-up is definitely up for discussion as artists have been requesting it.

This was revealed by executive director of the Culturama Secretariat in Nevis, Antonio Liburd.

“The Soca Monarch artists on Nevis, they have been asking for it for quite a number of years now, about two or three years they have been asking for it and yes, I’m going to be taking that suggestion to the Culturama committee when we convene early January to begin to look at the planning of Culturama 2015.”

Liburd, who also produces music, said adding a Soca Monarch competition to the Culturama line-up will help to promote Nevis’ music industry.

“It speaks well for not only the development of the soca artists on nevis but also those young producers who are into producing beats because you know soca, the power and the groovy, they are based on beats, either a slow beat or a fast beat. So, there are a number of persons who have laptop computers who have access…imagine their creativity and it would help them in developing the music industry on nevis so i think that it is something that the Nevis Culturama committee needs to consider going forward into 2015.”

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