Nevis Public Library In Charlestown Moves To Temporary Location

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (September 09, 2020) – The Nevis Public Library has been relocated from upstairs the Theodore L. Hobson Court Building in Charlestown to the Slack’s building on Market Street.

Hon. Troy Liburd, Junior Minister of Library Services in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) visited the facility on September 07, 2020 to inspect ongoing remedial work. He explained that the move was due to the poor condition of the structure at the previous location.

“For a few years now the original library that sits on top of the courthouse had been in a state of disrepair, in fact it’s a very old colonial building so it would take some time to repair. A lot of the repairs that are needed are very delicate, so the government took the decision to relocate the library.

“We needed to find a space in town, so we were able to negotiate with a private citizen for the use of is building that is centrally located,” he told the Department of Information.

The library will occupy two floors at its new location. The bottom floor, which is still undergoing some refitting work, will serve as the children’s section and the second floor as the adult section.

Minister Liburd informed that the library staff has moved into the building, however only the adult section is open to the public.

“At this point we have brought the library staff down and they are now situating themselves. We have done the move in such a way that starting Monday [September 07, 2020] we have it partially opened to the public so people can start coming in, and we can start feeling out the kinks before we have the official opening soon,” he said.

Mrs. Anatasia Parris-Morton, Librarian extended an invitation to the general public to register to be members of the Public Library. She assured that they have a wide variety of books to choose from and the checking out and return of books is now computerized to make the process more efficient.

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