Nevis strides in agro tourism

(ZIZ News) — Assistant Permanent Secretary in Nevis’ Ministry of Tourism, John Hanley says Nevis has been making significant strides in the agro tourism sector.

He made the comments during a Taste Showcase at the Marriot Resort on Sunday that put the spotlight on dishes made with local produce.

Hanley spoke of the work his ministry has been doing to upgrade the quality of locally processed foods.

“And over the last several years there has been an improvement in processing, preservation, presentation and quality control. And the result has been that our agro-products are second to none and match, and probably exceed the quality of those that are imported,” he said.

He said eating locally produced foods has several benefits.

“It reduces the economic leakage, it retains our earnings, it is healthier for us when we eat local food, grown on our own soil and also it helps to get rid of the notion of what comes from abroad is superior. Eating what we produce is also very important in providing to our visitors an authentic experience,” he explained.

Hanley praised the organizers of Restaurant Week for the collaborative approach that involved Nevis establishments in the effort to invigorate restaurant business during the usually slow summer period.

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