Nevisian Businessman gets due recognition

Mr. Arthur Evelyn and Hon. Joseph Parry

NEVIS — February 12, 2010 — The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) continued its promise of recognition to stalwarts for their significant contributions to the development of Nevis, when the Old Treasury building which houses the Nevis Tourism Authority offices, was renamed after Nevisian businessman, pharmacist and former politician, Mr. Arthur Evelyn.

The moving ceremony took place on Friday afternoon, in the presence of Government officials, his family and well wishers in Charlestown.

Premier and Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Joseph Parry announced the new name while he also declared the 2010 Nevis Tourism Week opened.

Mr. Parry referred to the renaming of the Nevis Tourism Authority (Old Treasury Building) as a “befitting tribute” to a man who had worked hard for the benefit of Nevisians. He added that the establishment of the Four Seasons Resort was assisted by Mr. Arthur Evelyn who was involved the negotiation process.

His profile which was read by Ms. Janette Grell-Hull, a former employee of Mr. Evelyn, stated that he had served the people of Nevis as a Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Tourism, a member of the Nevis Blind and Visually Impaired Association, the Mental Health Association, President of the Jaycees and the Nevis Horse Racing Club.

In response, Mr. Evelyn thanked the NIA and Premier Parry for bestowing such an honour on him. He gave God thanks for the award and the pleasure that the Old Treasury building that now carried his name would bring to all.

Mr. Evelyn was the third of eight local heroes whose names will grace seven landmarks on Nevis. The names were announced by Minister of Social Development Hon. Hensley Daniel at a ceremony held in their honour on National Heroes Day in September 2009.

The well attended event was chaired by Mr. Walter Morton. Also on hand were the winners of Culturama 2009 King I Sour Sop, Miss Culturama Queen, Miss Macinda Nisbett and the winners of the Miss and Mr. Talented Youth Pageant.

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