Nevisian wins UVI X-Factor

OldainClaxton-1(ZIZ News) — 22 year old Oldain Claxton of Brown Hill Nevis swept away his competitors on Saturday evening at the University Of The Virgin Island X Factor Song Competition in St. Thomas.

After two rounds of elimination, Claxton advanced to the final round and was adjudged the competition’s winner with the renditions ‘I am Ready for Love’, ‘Hometown Glory’ and ‘Redemption Song.’

Claxton told ZIZ News he was excited to win the competition.

“Preparation was a bit hard… Trying to work myself around classes and trying to practice as well and assignments and stuff so I’m excited I don’t know how I really, really feel. Those were songs that I felt really brought me out and showed who I really was,” he said.

Claxton, who is a freshman at UVI, won $500 US and an Ipad Air Mini.

He was supported on the keyboard by Kittitian student Clilia Davis.

Claxton is also a member of the Nevis Performing Arts Theatre Ensemble and Harmony United Choir.

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