New Agriculture Policies Coming

(ZIZ News) — The Agriculture sector can expect major changes in 2016.

While speaking during a recent radio interview, Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris said new policies will be implemented to enhance the Agriculture sector.

He said one worrying factor is the shortage of the rain-fed water supply and its impact on Agriculture.

“We want to change that and the only way to change that or the viable way to change that is to invest more in science and the application of technology and we are going to want to do more of these things and develop more resilient agriculture policies,” he said.

Prime Minister Harris also announced incentives for farmers that will come with the introduction of the new policies.

“We are going to bring some relief from the farmers. I could mention that especially on animal food, farmers will enjoy substantial reduction in the cost of animal food as a result of some policy initiatives being introduced because we want agriculture to grow,” he said.

The Prime Minister noted that as the economy grows and Agriculture falters, the nation loses critical foreign exchange earning “which ought to be invested in those things which we can’t produce. We want to see more vitality from agriculture and also from local manufacturing.”

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