New Carnival Chairman Speaks With The Media

(ZIZ News) – Just one day after he was announced as Chairman of Carnival, Noah Mills is speaking to the media about expectations.

On Tuesday morning, Mills stopped by ZIZ’s studio for a brief television interview which was immediately followed by an interview on ZIZ Radio 96.1fm.

Mills admitted that he has very little time remaining before the official launch of Carnival 2015-2016 but said he had been working quietly behind the scenes for many weeks.

“It is indeed an honour to be considered for the federal government and the Deputy Prime Minister who is responsible for Culture the Hon. Shawn Richards, to give me an opportunity to take over Carnival,” he said.

“Now, we all know that we have three months left so, looking forward, I can see it as a challenge but the good thing about it, I think we have three objectives that we intend to achieve and while awaiting formal appointment, we were already recruiting and having meetings in preparation for this year’s Carnival,” he added.

Mills said among his committee’s objectives are the need to advance Carnival as a tourism product and provide a safe and enjoyable Carnival festival. Those are his second and third objectives.

“First is inclusion and you would see that the management team will invite all of the stakeholders and when I say all of the stakeholders, from calypsonians to soca singers to media to sponsors and we’ve actually ventured even over to Nevis where there is an arm of the management team for Carnival that is actively existing in Nevis as we speak,” he said.

Mills is taking over from Sylvester Anthony who served as Carnival Chairman for a few years. Mills said he is grateful to Anthony for the work he had done and used the opportunity to commend his effort.

“Again, I take this opportunity to and this medium to congratulate Mr. Sylvester Anthony, the immediate past who would have done an excellent job, giving of himself in time, personal resources, all of the efforts in making the few years of Carnival, where he was the chairman, absolutely successful,” he said.

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