New Horizons Juvenile Rehabilitation Center Working With Families And Children To Ensure Smooth Re-integration Into Society

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 24, 2021 (SKNIS): The New Horizons Juvenile Rehabilitation Center has given many juveniles a second chance at life. On the June 23, 2021 edition of “Working For You”, New Horizons Case Worker Ms. Shaneze Sam stated that a specifically tailored reintegration plan is put in place for all residents of the facility to ensure their smooth transition back into society.

Reintegration begins when the child enters our gates that very first day; there is when we start to look at what will happen when the child leaves. We start to work with families to identify what we need to address in this family, whether parenting issues or the way the children and family members relate to each other for instance. We also consider if the parent requires social assistance, maybe they need help to find better housing situation or work, whatever the case may be, we look at all of that,” said Ms. Sam.

She said that an assessment is made of the juveniles in terms of their academic aptitude and how they can be assisted with skills training to equip them to be able to manage on their own when they are re-integrated into society.

The approach taken by the staff of the New Horizons Juvenile Rehabilitation Center prepares the children for work-life, with financial literacy and job preparation key to the Center’s rehabilitation plan. Case Worker Ms. Shaneze Sam outlined a number of ways in which they have empowered the children under their care and thanked the various stakeholders who have also assisted.

We have school-break programmes where we try to expose the children to as much as possible. We have done financial management, budgeting, how to manage a home, and teaching basic life skills to prepare them for going on their own in the event when they get back home the home may not be best for them. We look at job attachments to send the children to be interns in a particular setting, whichever setting they display interest in, we will give them that opportunity to go out. We are thankful to all the companies that have accepted our children and created space for them, we appreciate it,” said Ms. Sam.

Another critical component of New Horizons reintegration plan is the contact and interaction with the families and children in an effort to further foster stronger relations and monitoring of the case. Ms. Sam further stated that residents of the facility are assisted with creating resumes for employment and counseling sessions for re-entry into school, along with a care package of basic needs to cover them for 6 months after they are released.

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