New Sport to be Introduced on Nevis Shortly

left to right–Pam Barry; Dane Sandiford; Hydia Tyson and Robert Byron Interviewer Curtis Morton in blue shirtArchery Association

SPORTS PAGE—Tuesday 25th June 2013–The list of sporting activities on Nevis will shortly be upgraded by one. A new Association has been formed hitherto referred as the Archery Association. The executive is as follows:

Dane Sandiford-President
Robert Byron-Vice president
Pam Barry- Treasurer
Hydia Liburd -Secretary

The Association is currently housed in an area located between VON Radio and Fort Charles. That is where the Archery range is located.

The Association in a recent interview informed the general public that the sport is a very exciting one and caters for persons 14 years and upwards (no age limitations in the upper range) but caters for persons who are disciplined and serious about the sport.

It was pointed out that the sport is very popular worldwide with several Caribbean countries already on board.

According to the members, young persons who take the sport seriously can avail themselves to many scholarship offers available and can be trained up to Olympic standards.

Safety is a priority on the range and there are some very strict rules in place which include:

• All archers will obey the instructions of the Range Officer
• All practice sessions will be timed
• All archers must stop shooting if anyone is seen between the shooting line and any target
• All archers will shoot from the same shooting line
• Do not put an arrow on the string unless you are in the shooting line preparing to shoot
• Do not point your bow at anyone with or without an arrow on the string
• When you have finished shooting, step back from the shooting line and put your bow down
• Do not am or shoot your arrows vertically

Mr. John Annolle, the President of the Barbados Archery Association is due to commence the training of interested persons as of July 4th. The primary concentration will be the training of Instructors who will in turn continue the training of other interested persons.

Persons, who want to be a part of the Archery Association and want to be trained in the sport, are kindly asked to contact;

Ms Pam Barry at 469-2274
Dane Sandiford at 663-9774

It has been noted that the training will be conducted in a very safe and disciplined manner.

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