New Sugar Mill Venue Taking Shape

(ZIZ News) — Construction is underway at the new site for the major shows this Carnival.

On Sunday afternoon, work was already in progress for the Sugar Mill, which will now be located at the southeast area of Port Zante.

Logistics Coordinator for the National Carnival Committee, Lester Hanley told ZIZ that the new venue comes with some new perks.

“First of all scenery. If you look back behind us, we’ll see a lovely ship docked at Port Zante. We’ve got some very good angles of Basseterre at night when you do night photography,” he said.

Hanley further stated that the new venue allows them to have onsite parking and other amenities that they “deem necessary when staging a mass crowd event”.

Hanley however noted that there were several challenges in relocating to the new site.

“We’ve got basically no infrastructure on the site so we’re bringing everything in from water to power to all the overlay pieces that we need to bring a site together for the National Carnival this year,” he said.

He added that he expected to have a fully operational venue by the 18th of December.

Hanley said the new venue isn’t intended to be permanent.

The traditional location at Warner Park is undergoing repairs, and Hanley said Port Zante is a fitting replacement in the meantime.

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