New Teachers Induction Course

(ZIZ News) – The teaching fraternity will soon be expanded as almost 40 prospective teachers are attending a two-week Induction Course, organized by the Ministry of Education, that began on Monday.

Participants will be addressed on the topics ‘the teaching portfolio’, ‘terms and conditions of employment’, ‘work prep and lesson planning’, ‘the teacher as a professional’ and ‘accommodating children with special needs in a regular classroom’.

Dr. Tricia Esdaille, Chief Education Officer, said participants have already taken significant steps on the path towards a career in teaching, despite having a great deal to do and learn.

“Over the next two weeks, via this course, we will have an opportunity to learn about and discuss many challenges that face our teachers daily,” Dr. Esdaille said.

The theme guiding the New Teachers’ Induction Course is, ‘Equipping New Teachers with Requisite Skills, Attitude and Knowledge’.

At the end of the course, the Ministry will select the preferred candidates.

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