New Venue for Carnival’s Sugar Mill

(ZIZ News) – Chairman of the National Carnival Committee, Noah Mills has confirmed rumours that the major shows for Sugar Mas 44 will be held at the new ‘Sugar Mill’ location at Port Zante.

Following an extensive interview on ZIZ Radio 96.1FM, our news team spoke with the Chairman, in our TV Studio, about the new venue.

He revealed that they had been “negotiating for quite some time with UDC to get the use of the space that was occupied by Latin Fiesta for Carnival or Sugar Mas 44,” adding “we think that we have reached a solid agreement which is mutually beneficial to all parties, not only carnival and UDC but the entire country.”

Mills said his team expects to begin construction this weekend as the first event planned for that venue will be the Cane Juice Cooler Fete on December 19th.

The National Carnival Swimwear Pageant which will be twinned with the Mr. GQ Show, on Sunday 20th December, will also be held at the Sugar Mill at Port Zante.

“Initially, we were trying to merge the (Carnival) Village and the (Sugar) Mill however, we will have to relocate the Village and that will be established on Bank Street in Basseterre so, the night time activities will be from let’s say 8:00 when the show will commence but in the day where you’ll have music and booths and vendors and a lively atmosphere, that too would be occurring but only this time it will be on Bank Street,” Mills explained.

While he did not give a date, Mills said the Carnival Village should be opened in mid-December.

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