New Zodiac vessel for Customs Department

Zodia vessel model recently acquired by Customs Department

ZIZ NEWSROOM, BASSETERRE, JUNE 14 2011 – The Customs and Excise Department has received a new vessel that they say will help them carry out their duties more effectively.

Jevon Gumbs, Assistant Comptroller of Customs said the new Zodiac vessel will help them to work in areas that were previously inaccessible.

“At times there are yachts and catamarans that normally drop anchor in bays and beaches that are not authorized for anchorage and sometimes they stay there for a few days and they don’t clear customs,” he said. “So they’re basically in our waters illegally. We can now do patrols and check these vessels to see if they’ve cleared customs. If they have not we can make them pay the necessary fees”

Mr Gumbs said the vessel will also be a big help in fighting smuggling.

He said the vessel is being prepared to be officially commissioned and will be unveiled to the public very soon.

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