Newtown Residents Updated on Flood Prevention Measures

MartinLee-1(ZIZ News) — As St. Kitts-Nevis prepares to enter the 2015 Hurricane Season, residents of the flood prone areas of Newtown have been updated on plans to divert heavy water flows away from their homes.

During a town hall meeting hosted by Parliamentary Representative the Hon. Ian Liburd, Managing Director of ADB Consultants, Martin Lee told residents that recently constructed storm drains will redirect flood waters to the sea.

He also spoke of a second measure of protection…a grassy embankment called a berm.

“It serves to retain a lot of water that will be coming down from the upper level. The issue of high tides prevents water from going to sea. So that berm will prevent a lot of the water that comes through from the upper area coming down. And that will give us a half an hour or 45 minute slowing down of the flow which will allow the drains to function if they are at full capacity,” he said.

The most flood prone areas are at Sandown Road and Pond Road. Lee said the storm drains and berm are sufficient for the current level of development, however as the area grows the drainage system will have to be upgraded.

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