NIA playing active role to ensure speedy reopening of Four Seasons Resort, Nevis

(L-R) Four Seasons General Manager and Regional Vice President Mr. Andrew Humphries, Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Mr. Laurie Lawrence and then Legal Advisor in the NIA Mr. Patrice Nisbett following their meeting at the Four Seasons Resort

NIA – Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry, said the role of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) in the successful reopening of the island’s Four Seasons Resort was proactive and not passive.

Mr. Parry made the NIA’s position clear on the heels of a number of meetings with bankers, Four Season’s representatives and other stakeholders.

“The Government’s role cannot be passive, we have to be very proactive and try to come up with creative ways to help them to move forward in the interest of all so that the hotel can be opened before the end of the year,” he said.

The Premier said the NIA had gone beyond the stage of offering concessions and had to become an active partner in the interest of Nevisians.

Four Seasons General Manager and Regional Vice President Mr. Andrew Humphries described the discussions as positive. He said in the end emerged a spirit of cooperation which brought the timely opening of the resort closer with the requisite standards.

“We all agree that a teamwork approach to resolving some of the issues is the way to go forward. I have to say that everyone has indicated they are very willing and open minded as to how we can achieve that goal and willing to step up to the plate.

“So I think it’s a testament to the Government and to the banks that we have managed to move that far so quickly,” he explained.

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