Nicha B And Benjai Collaboration

(ZIZ News) — Breakout soca sensation Nicha B has snagged a collaboration with Trinidadian soca artiste Benjai for the remix of his song “Can’t Wait.”

During the release of the song during G-Cue’s “Morning Show” on ZIZ Radio, the apparent theme was the promotion of Caribbean unity.

Nicha B, in speaking about being able to work with Benjai, said the collaboration will inspire more artistes to do likewise.

“Showcasing to the world; international because it ain’t about us—it ain’t about me and Benjai is about the Caribbean. Uniting Trinidad and St. Kitts—by us doing that now other people will want to follow us. We are trend setters so we set our footsteps down and lead,” he said.

Benjai said collaborations throughout the Caribbean are important to improving Caribbean soca music.

“A lot of the stuff I will be doing it don’t really have to be a song that come from here, it could be produced from St. Kitts. You know what I mean? We have together and form our own West Indies. We now need to make soca stand out in the world and form our own West Indies team of the soca,” he said.

He suggested that artists visit each other’s country and “let me take in your cuisine, let me take in your culture. Everybody won’t be compatible but some will and we have a lot of different songs and material to work with.”

Benjai also said he intends to use “Can’t Wait” leading up to and throughout Trinidad’s Carnival celebrations in February of next year.

He said “this song almost perfect you know. That is how good it is and me, I can tell you myself I pushing this thing for Trinidad Carnival, I going release it – offer it up to God. The most we can do is do our best.”

He also invited Nicha B to travel to Trinidad and take in the experience.

Recently, Nicha B was selected as a semi- finalist in the Sugar Mas 44 The Cable Groovy Soca Monarch Competition which will be held on December 11th.

Benjai is known for hit songs “Phenomenal”, “Feter” and “Over And Over”.

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