Nickhail Releases Soca Track on ZIZ

(ZIZ News) – Soca artiste Nickhail has thrown his hat into the ring for this year’s Sugar Mas with the release of a track “Whine Up You Body”.

Nickhail released the song during an interview with G-Cue on ZIZ Radio on Thursday morning and spoke with ZIZ News about his inspiration.

“The song is about the movements that we make when we hear music that we love and how enticing that is. The idea for the song just popped into my head when I heard the music. It spoke to me, so to speak. Divine inspiration,” he said.

Nickhail also spoke of his love for groovy soca music.

“I choose Groovy because of the freedom it gives me melodically. I am a lover of R&B and I love the melodies you can do in Groovy versus the hype/jump up in Power,” he said,

He said he has two more songs due out in mid-November.

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