Nine Teams Now Involved In Legends’ Cup

President of the Nevis Football Association, George BRIGO Meade on Tuesday 3rd September, reported that there are now 9 teams registered for the ongoing Legends’ cup.

Despite the previous thorny issues that are currently being addressed, CCC Bath United and Brantley Bronx United got on board on Monday 2nd September.

According to Meade, his Association has been forced to make adjustments to the fixtures as there are now 9 teams involved, instead of the original 7.

The teams involved are:

Zone A:
Brand SSG Strikers
SL Horsfords Highlights Int
Beyond Homes All Stars
Mark Brantley Bronx United

Zone B:
Nevis Equestrian Villa Int
Stones United
CCC Bath United
Hard times

In order to meet the scheduled cut off date for the league, double headers will now be scheduled for the weekend matches.

The upcoming matches are scheduled as follows:

Saturday 7th September—6pm—Villa Int. v Stones United
8pm– Stoney Grove Strikers v Bronx United

Sunday 8th September—6pm—Highlights v All Stars
8pm—CCC Bath United v Hard times

Meade also had some great news for the spectators: ‘Due to the harsh economic times, my Association has decided not to charge for any of the games in the Legends Cup,’ he stated.

He however hinted that when the local league commences, that may well change to persons being charged to witness weekend games.

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