NIOSH Report Published

(ZIZ News) — The long-awaited report by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) regarding the evaluation of the indoor environmental quality concerns at the Basseterre High School has been published for public scrutiny.

Dated June 2015, the NIOSH report outlined the group’s investigation and evaluation of the school. It also made recommendations to the school’s officials and students.

Essentially, all 12 buildings on the school’s campus were surveyed and it was found that although there was water damage in some classrooms, there was no widespread mold or lead present.

The report advised that active roof leaks be fixed and a Health and Safety Committee be set up as well as a system for employees to report building concerns.

It was also mentioned that it is important for employees to report signs of water intrusion and work-related health concerns.

The Basseterre High School was closed in the fall of 2014 in response to ongoing indoor environmental quality concerns.

At the time the school was closed, staff concerns reportedly included skin irritation, fungal infections, coughing, headaches, thickening of skin, vertigo, cancers, and miscarriages.

School officials had reported that the concerns decreased when the staff moved to another school.

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