NIP Blames PAM for all undercover Land Deals

RoyFlemmingHeadshotAZIZ News — Deputy Leader of the National Integrity Party (NIP), Roy Flemming, has blamed the People’s Action Movement’s Lindsay Grant for any undercover land deals between politicians and overseas investors.

Flemming told the nation that Grant’s 2010 alleged attempt to sell several acres of land, in exchange for campaign financing, paved the way for other politicians to attempt to do the same.

“The whole issue of selling or attempting to sell crown lands was born out of the Marriott affair,” he said.

“This type of behaviour was, before January 2010, totally foreign to us as a people here in the Federation and let me say that our people are not accustomed to this type of activity and I believe that when the opportunity arises on election day, they are going to vote to get rid of this type of activity I would say,” he added.

Flemming then recalled a time when he served as a member of the People’s Action Movement and was chastised because he expressed disappointment in the party’s operations.

“We need to have honest politicians and that is why I’m speaking to you today from an Nip platform because when we spoke out about corruption within the Pam party, we were thrown out of the party and this is the same Pam party which wants to govern this country so then if they get into government, how would they deal with corrupt parliamentarians? How would they do that? Anybody who would dare to speak out would be chastised,” he said.

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