Nisbett says Thanks to Party Leader and Constituents

HonPatriceNisbettHeashotCZIZ News — Meantime, Nevisian-born politician, the Honourable Patrice Nisbett, is of the view that very little can be achieved for Nevis if politicians refrain from collaborating with the Federal Government.

Nisbett, the country’s minister of homeland security and labour, told attendees to Tuesday night’s Town Hall Meeting that he would be forever grateful to NRP leader, The Honourable Joseph Parry, who gave consent for him to work more closely with the Federal Government as a minister.

“I believe that it was a bold move. It was an innovative move in order for us to accept the invitation by the Right Honourable Prime Minister for somebody from the Nevis Reformation Party to join a Labour government in Basseterre. It is only leaders with the calibre and the quality of parry would have seen the importance of making such a strategic move on behalf of the people of Nevis,” he said.

Nisbett used the opportunity to record appreciation to members of his constituency for their years of support to him.

“I want to first of all this evening, to once again thank the beloved constituents of Nevis 11. I want to thank you for the unwavering support and commitment that you have given to me over the past 14 years that I have served as your parliamentarian in the national assembly. I believe that you are indeed satisfied with the quality of representation that I have given to you and to the people of Nevis,” he said.

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