No Counterfeit Ticketing at CPL Games

(ZIZ)– “There is no way that counterfeit ticketing is possible at the CPL games”.

Those were the words of Senior Sports Officer, Vernon Springer, who was responding to a caller who expressed concern at individuals getting into the games through fraudulent means during ZIZ’s “The Roundtable.”

Springer said there are measures in place to identify any counterfeit tickets at the gates.

“We have to understand the CPL organizing committee and the government of St. Kitts and Nevis has installed a ticket system where when you come with your tickets you have a system at the main gate which will tell you whether your ticket is fake or counterfeit and that is being run by Locksmith Security Firm–Omari and his team,” he said.   “Locals are all there. So for someone to come and make those allegations…in fact you have the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit is here. We also have cameras in place so it’s not just an ordinary event. You have people there and for people to make those serious statements –we haven’t been hearing those stuff. If any of that would have been happening it would have been dealt with on the spot very quickly.”

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