“No Short-cuts In The Manufacturing Of Vaccine”

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 1st,  2021 (ZIZ News) The Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 information sessions continued on Wednesday in Sandy Point, where health officials sensitized the public on the Covid-19 virus and vaccines.

Health Educator in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mathias Ofre provided a history of vaccines and debunked any misinformation persons may have had about the virus or vaccine.

As it relates to the vaccine, Dr. Ofre informed that there were no short cuts taken during the manufacturing process of the vaccines noting that it went through all the processes to be approved for use.

“There was no shortcut whatsoever, it doesn’t take 5, 10 years to make a vaccine. You can make a vaccine in a month but it has to go through a trial phase and after that trial phase which starts with animals and then a given number of humans-lets says 20 to 50 something and then it will move to thousands of people that would be tried.”

He said after this trial period it will then move to regulatory bodies for research to ensure that the vaccine is effective.

“Then after that trial phase it will then be released to regulatory bodies that will also do their further investigation to ensure the proof you have about your vaccine or your medication is actually factual and true-data proven and then other bigger regulatory bodies like the world health organization will assess it and then give you authorization or certify it for use.”

The information sessions will continue in Tabernacle at the Community Center on Tuesday April 6th at 6:30pm.

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