No tax or duty when shopping overseas for Christmas

ZIZ NEWSROOM, BASSETERRE, December 6, 2011 – Good news for locals who do their Christmas shopping overseas.

The government has announced a new policy on importing goods and foodstuff.

Prime Minister, the Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas says when it comes to clearing barrels through customs persons can import up to 400 pounds without duty. This is approximately equal to 3 barrels.

He says throughout December if you’re travelling to do your shopping you’re allowed to return with up to $1500 of goods without paying duty, no matter how long you were abroad.

The prime minister says that they have also permanently removed the 7-day requirement for travel in order to qualify for the four hundred dollar allowance for goods that you bring back home.

He says these measures are all aimed at making it easier for people to shop during the Christmas and beyond, and will allow customs officers to be more efficient and focus on commercial shoppers.

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