No Tinting On Vehicles Unless It’s Of A Particular Percentage

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 14th 2021 (ZIZ News) The traffic department is reminding motorists that there is to be no tinting on vehicles unless it’s at a particular percentage.

Traffic Officer, Donaly Liburd-Chiverton while on ZIZ Radio’s programme “On the Road” on Wednesday said that persons are still committing the offence of having dark tinted windows on their vehicles.

She referenced the section of the Vehicle Road and Traffic Act that explains the percentage at which a vehicle can be tinted.

“In this section restricted motor vehicles means any vehicle other than a motorcycle where the whole or the part of the glass of the windscreen, side or rear windows is obscured by either the application of any film, tint or other device or is custom tinted by the manufacturer that less than 35% of light transmission is possible. What this is clearly saying to us is that once your vehicle is tinted anything that is 35% and below is against the law. The law says one must be able to stay from the outside and see inside of the vehicle clearly.”

For persons who bought their vehicles with a dark tint, she said the Licencing Authority is not responsible for those vehicles, the responsibility lies with the registered owner of the vehicle.

“The Licensing Authority is not responsible for you having a dark tinted vehicle in your possession meaning…you are now the registered owner of that vehicle and so therefore the onus is upon you to make sure that the tinting on that vehicle is in accordance with the regulation.”

Officer Liburd-Chiverton said, in the instance of persons borrowing other people’s vehicles with dark tints, if caught, the driver at the time will be served the ticket not the owner of the vehicle.

“At the time you are the one who is driving the vehicle and so you become the one responsible. It is true that you are not the registered owner but when you’re borrowing your sister’s vehicle or your uncle’s truck- you must make sure that the tyres are in order, the breaks are in order, the tinting of the vehicle is in order because you at that time is responsible because if a ticket is issued it would not be issued to the owner, it would be issue to you-the driver, so you become responsible.”

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