‘No TV Week’ aims to stimulate a love of reading in children

ZIZ NEWS…14 May 2010 – The Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School has completed their annual ‘No TV Week’ celebrations today with a march through the streets of Basseterre.

Parents, teachers and of course the students of the Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School and a number of other private schools marched through the streets of Basseterre promoting ‘No TV Week’ and their special theme – to reduce obesity in the Federation.

The school’s ‘No TV Week’, now in its tenth year of celebration, came to an end today with the march and according to the Principal, Mrs. Icilma Springer, the week was success.

She says she hopes the residents who were in the Basseterre area earlier today received the message they attempted to portray.

Mrs. Springer also made an appeal to other schools in the Federation to adopt their ‘No TV Week’ as a means of getting children away from their televisions.

Other activities held to mark the ‘No TV Week’ were the crazy sneakers day, a reading fair in the Independence Square and also the Maurice Hillier annual rainbow pageant.

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