No VAT on food, medicine…says NIP

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, 15th May 2013 — The National Integrity Party (NIP) has announced plans to remove the Value Added Tax (VAT) on food and medicine. According to a party official, the NIP will immediately embark upon and implement its policy with regards to the removal of the VAT on food and medicine respectively when the Party forms next government.

According to party leader, Mr. Glenroy Blanchette, it is vitally important to address the issue of poverty and the high cost of living which are plaguing many of our citizens who are on the lower strata of the income bracket. The NIP is of the opinion that food and medicine are two basic commodities that should be accessible to all citizens.

“If our people are unable to maintain a balanced and healthy diet as a direct result of being unable to afford the necessary food items then obviously this will lead to chronic health problems for many people,” said Blanchette.

The NIP also declared that the issue of proper and affordable health care for the federation’s populace, particularly the elderly and children, will be addressed by a new NIP government.

“We believe that too many of our people are suffering as a direct result of being unable to access prescribed medicine because they are prohibitively priced. The removal of VAT from these two commodities will benefit our people tremendously and provide immediate relief,” said the party leader.

The NIP said that it is cognizant of the ongoing fiscal adjustment programme being implemented by the St. Kitts-Nevis government. However, the Party is confident that the improvements in the country’s economic situation along with fiscal prudence will facilitate this bold but necessary step and bring much benefit and financial relief to the citizens of our beautiful country.

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