Noella Freeman slam dunks previous record

Little Noella Freeman stormed past the finish line at a rapid pace with Tianna Griffin not far behind to beat the previous record for the Junior Girls’ cross country event at the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School.

The event was held on Friday 31st January in front of cheering school mates, teachers, parents and other family members.

The race commenced close to the Gingerland Secondary School and climaxed at the JLPS school yard, after completing a turn at BRINO’S Shop at Hull Ground.

Tiana led for part of the race but Noella took the lead at the turn a BRINO’S and from thereon it was anybody’s race.

However, a spirited burst by Noella as she neared the finish line was not matched by Tiana and in the process, the old record of 3:29:60 was shattered.  Noella established a new record of 3:23:47.

The top ten placers from the event were as follows:

1. Noella Freeman (Red) New Record 3:23:47

2. Tiana Griffin (Blue)

3. Advancia Merchant (Red)

4. Taliana Liburd (Blue)

5. Divonique Liburd (Green)

6. Clydasia Freeman (Green)

7. Ikeliyah Nisbett (Red)

8. Nickelsia Kelly (Blue)

9. Kenoya Williams (Green)

10. Rihanna Newman (Red)

Points Amassed:

Red Eagles: 53

Blue Jaguars:  45

Green Giants: 39

Overall Point Standing:  

Red Eagles:  97

Blue Jaguars:  119

Green Giants:  105

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