NRP still echoing 2011 Slogan “Performance Matters”

HensleyDaniel-1ZIZ News — “Performance Matters.” That was the phrase being repeated on Tuesday night when the Nevis Reformation Party [NRP] hosted the second in a series of town hall meetings on Nevis.

The island’s Former Deputy Premier, who is also a senior member of the NRP, Hensley Daniel kept the audience energised when he listed a number of projects and programmes that were developed under the NRP-led Nevis Island Administration.

“We fixed the road from Cotton Ground to Jessups to Barnes Ghaut. That’s not good? Of course. We put a brand new playing field in Cotton Ground. We provided housing; 306 houses in the six years of government. That’s what we take the money to do. At the security level, we built police stations, brought vehicles and all those things.”

“You want to hear more? We brought you the Nevis Performing Arts Centre, the best in the region. That is what we did with your money,” Daniel disclosed.

Daniel, who received a thunderous applause from the audience, also said that the NRP had fostered significant development in Brown Hill Village. According to him, a playfield was created and a health centre and Brown Hill Communications were constructed.

“Brothers and sisters, we built five community centres in Nevis in one year under the Nevis Reformation Party. That’s where the debt went. One in Jessups, one in Barnes Ghaut, one in Cotton Ground, one in Fountain and one in Combermere. It never happened before. We took up your money and we sent 220 of your black pickney to university under the Nevis Reformation Party.”

Daniel also spoke of the many programmes that were geared towards the development of senior citizens on Nevis.

“When the young men in the country were fighting and wanting to shoot each other, we took your money and we sent them to Trinidad to skill them for the future. That is what we did with your money. We fixed the road from Cole Hill through Cox coming out at Chicken Stone. That we did for you. We fixed the island main road from Market Shop to St. James under the Nevis Reformation Party. We brought you the Caribbean’s only designated drag strip. The only place in the Caribbean where a government established a modern drag racing facility is in Nevis.”

During the town hall meeting, Daniel challenged Nevisians to join members of his party by signing a petition that calls for the resignation of ministers of the Concerned Citizens Movement [CCM] who, according to the NRP, continue to be caught in conflict of interest cases, the most recent being the alleged sale of government-owned lands for private benefit.

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