NRP wins 3 seats to 2

ZIZ NEWSROOM, BASSETERRE, July 12, 2011 – The Nevis Reformation Party has won the 2011 Nevis elections 3 seats to 2.

After a vote tallying session that ran until the early hours of the morning the NRP has been officially declared the winner having won three seats. The Concerned Citizens’ Movement took the other two.

Here’s the breakdown: in Nevis 1 Robelto Hector of the NRP got 822 votes beating Michael Perkins of the CCM with 619 votes.

In Nevis 2: NRP’s Hensley Daniel – 1358 votes, CCM’s Mark Brantley – 1344.
In Nevis 3: CCM’s Vance Amory – 753 votes, NRP’s Patricia Hanley – 246.
In Nevis 4: CCM’s Alexis Jeffers -833, NRP’s Patrice Nisbett – 796.
And in Nevis 5: NRP’s Joseph Parry – 535 votes, CCM’s Keith Scarborough – 173 votes.

The leaders of both political parties in the Nevis elections have outlined what’s next, now that the voters have spoken.

Celebration and future plans

“Performance Matters” was the chant heard through the streets of Nevis on Tuesday as officials announced the winners of each district.

Following the announcement, ZIZ visited the CCM campaign headquarters where the party leader, Vance Amory says he is not totally pleased with the result.

“It is a matter of regret that we are not completely satisfied with the outcome the elections and we shall make a determination as to what action we will take. I would however like to thank all of the people of Nevis who voted for the candidates of the CCM party,” he said.

Amory says he will announce his party’s action plan at a later date.

NRP candidate Hensley Daniel surrounded by supporters

But the NRP leader Joseph Parry says he is already looking ahead to their next five years in office.

“I am looking forward for five more years to continue the transformation that we have started and I am pleased to see, and I hope everyone realizes how tough Hensley Daniel is,” he said.

The closest race of the election was between Hensley Daniel and Mark Brantley.

Daniel, who won that contest by a slim margin, says he is happy he is now able to move forward on a number of social programs he started.

“When you have the confidence in your people and you depend on them and you know them, you know that they will pull you through. In 2006 it was the same thing. Everybody was up late at night and we pulled it. This one, quite frankly, I thought the lead going into Cox was a little too big but this is a remarkable victory. I wanted to do this for the broad masses of the people of the country. I think the programmes and projects we’ve done speak to them and I would have been very very disappointed if I wasn’t able to continue the programmes and projects started,” he said.

According to Parry, the Nevis Reformation Party has been given five more years to improve on its performance.

He listed examples such as their housing program, their investment in renewable energy through geothermal development and their road improvement program.

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