Persons around the world can now view excerpts of local sporting action out of Nevis, in living colour.

Longstanding Sports Journalist Curtis Morton, on Tuesday 3rd September launched the Face book version of the Sports page that he produces five days per week, from Monday to Friday.

Individuals will now not only be able to view updated local, regional and international sports stories with accompanying pictures but will also be able to view the edited NTV sports video for the day as well.

Morton, who commenced Sports Casting in 1989 along with Carlisle Powell when together they created the Sports menu program, has maintained a dedication and zeal to the promotion of especially local sporting items.

‘That’s what I live for. It’s a hobby and I make people happy in the process. My greatest joy is when parents thank me for playing footage of their children engaged in Athletics or playing cricket, Football or some other sport that they were unable to witness first hand. When they thank me and I note how happy they are, it’s worth it,’ he said.

Morton thanked the technical team at NTV channel 8 for actually creating the face book page and noted that he has been taught how to update the page on a daily basis.

The face book page can be accessed at www.facebook.com/ntvsportpage.

Morton also indicated that he has journalist friends across the globe who utilize local news items from his Sports page daily but would have requested video footage in the past. ‘Now they can actually gain access to the video footage and can utilize as they see fit,’ he noted.

He pointed out that the Sports page normally features local stories written by him but also includes other stories that will attract the attention of local sports enthusiasts. He however ensures that the persons who write such stories are given their due credit.

He further indicated that he is happy with the positive responses so far.

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