“Operation Christmas Cheer” executed with cookies and apple cider

(RSCNPF): While families were at home enjoying a Christmas morning breakfast and watching the children as they opened their Christmas gifts from under the tree, a number of Police Officers were on duty at various stations across the Federation.

And so, a morale boosting exercise dubbed “Operation Christmas Cheer” was executed by Commissioner of Police Mr. Ian M. Queeley accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Hilroy Brandy, Assistant Commissioner Terrance James and Head of the Nevis Division, Superintendent Trevor Mills early on Christmas Day (December 25).

Officers on duty at the Police Stations were taken by surprise when the Commissioner and the group swooped on their stations bearing boxes of freshly baked cookies and bottles of apple cider.

Police Constable Hanley at the Gingerland Police Station said, “this was the last thing I expected today, this is the first time in my years as a Police I have seen something like this.

When the group entered Dieppe Bay Police Station Police Constable Wilkin to a moment gather her composure after realizing this was Christmas visit from the Commissioner and she accepted the gift of cookies and cider for the other two persons on duty and said, “not only is this a surprise, it is great to know the High Command cares.”

In sharing his thoughts on the gesture, Commissioner Queeley said, “this was one small way for us to show how much we appreciate the sacrifice of our officers and was the High Command’s way of saying since someone has to do the duty, here is something to put a smile on your face this Christmas morning.
Commissioner Queeley added, “this year as well we instituted an initiative where all Gazetted Officers pulled a few hours of duty during Christmas Day at the various stations, and this allowed for our ranks to be able to spend a little more time with their families and friends.

Reflecting on the “Operation” Commissioner Queeley said, “I was not anticipate or was I prepared for the emotional impact this gesture would had on our officers. I am touched.”

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