Operation Future Press Release — 22nd October 2013

TroyHagenANevis — Operation Future, the Nevis Island Administration and Regina Police Services have partnered to provide a weeklong training program to Officers of the Nevis Division of the Royal Saint Christopher and Nevis Police Force.

Police Chief Troy Hagen, of Regina Police Services, Canada is a current director of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police board and also the president of the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police. Troy is not a stranger to the Federation in 2011 Operation Future brought Troy into the Federation for our 2nd annual conference “Rescue from the Abyss; Bringing our Children out of the Gangs” to discuss the importance of community based policing. Following this conference the Regina Police Services community based policing approach was identified as a best practice by CARICOM and Troy co-facilitated a four day conference with Operation Future at the request of CARICOM in Guyana.

Chief Troy Hagen was asked if Regina Police Services would be willing to assist in establishing a training workshop for Nevis based officers specifically addressing topics such as surveillance techniques, intelligence gathering, interrogation versus interview techniques, school resource programs, community policing and noninvasive suppression techniques.

On October 27th Nevis will see 5 police instructors from Regina Police Services attend Nevis for a week of instruction for 25 members of the R.S.C.N.P.F and three members of the Prison Farm.

In addition to the week long training members of Regina Police Services are looking at follow up training as well they have initiated discussions with Regina Police College at the University of Regina for potential training opportunities for Nevis based Officers in the future.

Regina Police Services Members are donating their time and offer this opportunity in the spirit of helping a neighbor and hope to see this partnership expanded.

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