Operation future to hold second annual Peace Concert

President Operation Future Constable Lauston Percival

ZIZ News…May 29 2012 — Operation Future will be hosting the 2nd Annual Peace Concert, scheduled for this weekend at Independence Square in an effort to put a stop to crime and violence in St. Kitts Nevis.

In August 2011 Operation Future hosted our first annual Peace Concert, local artist, musicians, poets, entertainers and dancers came together for an afternoon to remember those who have died of violence in the Federation, to ensure they are not forgotten and to encourage our nation to come together and takes steps to put an end to the senseless waste of or most valuable resource.

According to a release from Operation Future, the violence continues in 2012 and we believe it is time to try and bring our nation together once again. On June 2nd from 2 pm to 8 pm our local artist, entertainers, poets, musicians and dancers will again come together to ensure those who have died are not forgotten and that we work together to bring an end to the senseless violence which has plagued our nation.

At this concert a memorial will be constructed consisting of a wooden cross 3 feet in height and 2 feet in span for every life lost to violence since January 1, 2007, the crosses will be marked with name and age and it is hoped to include a picture of as many as possible. In addition crosses will be erected for each person missing without explanation since the same period. We are encouraging family and friends of those victims of violence to bring flowers and memorials to be placed at the cross.

This concert is free and the entertainers are donating their time. The goal is to bring at least 5,000 people together and call for a moratorium on the violence.

Our local entertainers will be supported by the Cruise Ship Freewind’s Band, who is also donating their time.

We hope to see you there, if you have a talent and you wish to participate please call the President of Operation Future Lauston Percival at 668-0856.

For those in Nevis the Caribsurf/Breeze returns from Basseterre at 8 pm and at 9 pm the Mark Twain is scheduled to run from Basseterre.

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