Operation Future’s Summer Camp

(ZIZ News) — Operation Future is set and prepared to host its 3rd Annual Youth Summer Camp. The camp commences on Monday 10th August and culminates on Sunday 23 rd August.

According to Founder and President of Operation Future, Lauston Percival, the camp has already received quite a lot of positive feedback and is full to capacity.

“Well I can say to you this, we are booked solid. We initially decided we were going to start with 100 children but that went so fast. The team decided that it would be okay to add an additional 20. So we are up to 120. We have capped off and we are not taking anymore,” he said.

Percival said the two-week camp is expected to be eventful as it is packed with engaging programs including sewing, sports, music lessons, field trips, church services, lectures and video and music recording lessons. They will also participate in a career fair.

He said the camp is catering to children between five and 18 years.

“You might say five is too young, five is not too young. That is the age that we have to start showing these young ones that they can do certain things in them because that is the age where they are most vulnerable so we have to start working on them at an early age,” he said.

The camp will be guided under Operation Future’s general theme, “Great Achievement for Every Child.”

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