Opposition Urged Not to Use the Music Festival as a Political Football

HonTimothyHarrisHeadshotB(ZIZ)– Despite efforts by the St. Kitts Music Festival to improve this year’s festivities, former government MP, Hon. Timothy Harris, is calling for the festival committee to do more for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The St. Kitts Music Festival Committee, recognizing the importance of the festival to the federation, has made efforts to improve the annual event for all.

At a recent media and sponsors breakfast event, Chairman of the St. Kitts Music Festival, Faron Lawrence discussed some the initiatives undertaken by the committee.

“We have a complete schedule of events in the square. People will be able to see some of our folklore, steel band, string band and some of the other upcoming bands in the square. The other thing we are doing differently this year is the launch of an app for smart phones and androids,” he explained.

However Harris believes that the festival can still do more for the locals.

In a recent Team Unity Town Hall Meeting, Harris said, “for all the hype about the music festival, and the promotion of culture our local artistes are not making a living from their talents. Our Infamuses, our Nicha Bs, our Hi-lights, our Footsies and Jah Fires, our calypsonians have not really witnessed the kind of transformation of their lifestyles from the music festival and the outgoing government policy’s on culture.”

HonRichardSkerrittHeadshotEHonourable Richard Skerritt, Minister responsible for Tourism and the St. Kitts Music Festival, said the opposition cannot continue to use the festival as a political football.

He said, “This music festival is really our festival, it is the people’s festival, it is a partnership between the government, the community and the business community. It is a festival which has lived through different ministers of government and it’s a festival which I sincerely hope will live forever regardless of the politics of the day. I can only hope that the music festival doesn’t become a political football again. It is important that we embrace this festival as a community and take full ownership and responsibility for its survival.”

Minister Skerritt added that the festival is committed to highlighting local talent on the highest level.

Local acts account for some 29% of the festival’s performances.

This year’s festival will feature reigning road march champions the Small Axe Band, Ashkenaz, Deli Ranks and King Meeko, AZ One Band, S.M.I, Hi-Light, and Fantastic Tunda.

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