Order of appearance now in place for the Beaumont Park Soca Monarch Competition

Cinnamon Performing

ZIZ News…Dec 21, 2011 – Everything is now in place for a super show down featuring calypsonians in the Beaumont Park Soca Monarch competition.

The show which is divided into two categories will see eighteen competitors vying for the crown in the Groovy Segment and the Power Segment.

The order of appearance of Finalists for the Beaumont Park Soca Monarch Competition is:

Groovy Segment:

1. Konris Maynard – Konris
2. Alison Dore – Ali Dee
3. Dedria Delsol – Cinnamon
4. Tonicia Martin – Queen Anastasia
5. Nickhail Rogers – Nickhail
6. Delison Roper – X-Man
7. Kevin K. Donovan – Stitch In Time
8. Jacinth Cao – Shakki Starfire

And for the Power Segment:

1. Alison Dore – Ali Dee
2. Kinroy Pollock – Fantastic Tunda
3. Kevin K. Donovan – Stitch In Time
4. Konris Maynard – Konris
5. Linkon Maynard – Contenda
6. Natasha Benjamin – Dimepiece
7. Jacinth Cao – Shakki Starfire
8. Royston Wigley – Mr. World
9. Learie Hobson – Mighty Honesty
10. Orin A. L. Roberts – Mighty Takeover

The Beaumont Park Soca Monarch Finals which is one of the highlights of Sugar Mas 40:40 takes place Friday 23rd December at 8pm at Warner Park Cricket Stadium and will be streamed live on ZIZOnline.com.

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