Our Nations Youths on the move – SPBS Awards Canvasses First and Fifth Formers

St. KittsFor the Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS), the 2013 CEMSS Speech Day was truly different. On one level, the evening was filled with the customary patronage and pageantry. But something was brewing – SPBS was about to introduce a new award. For 15 years, as a part of the Principal’s Award, SPBS has recognized the outstanding incoming freshman to CEMSS. In 2012, award eligibility was extended to the three feeder primary schools – Sandy Point Primary, St. Pauls Primary and Newton Ground Primary. During strategic discussions in September, the SPBS executive leadership agreed to expand their influence by shaping a new program that targets graduating Principal Award winners. This inaugural “SPBS Award for Outstanding CXC” results is the highlight of this PR.

According to SPBS President, Dr. Mervyn Richardson, “the team committed to taking a more holistic view at ensuring success and support of Principal Award winners across their secondary and tertiary education, and this is one of a few new initiatives that would be implemented this quarter. I am most please by the speed in which this implemented and want to thank my team as well as principles at CEMSS for making this a reality”.

The Principal Award presentation captured each of the three winners receiving a check for $300 US along with a plaque.

New Award – Outstanding CXC results: SPBS was delighted to recognize and bestow this inaugural award on a most accomplished Zonique Brown. Zonique won the Principals Award as a freshman in 2008. During the Speech Day ceremony, attendees watched in amazement as award after award was racked up by Ms. Browne, a young product of Sandy Point. She attained eleven CXC passes, nine of were with distinctions.

Zonique’s distinctions were in the following areas: English A ( Language), English B ( Literature), Caribbean History, Social Studies, Biology, French, Spanish, Principles of Business, and Human & Social Biology.

Zonique’s story is one which inspires and amazes and it is with unwavering pride that the SPBS stands in support of Zonique, her family and every other student of the CEMS whose academic excellence has propelled them to notoriety. This blossoming treasure stands as a beacon of hope and an example of academic excellence for her classmates and other young people throughout the federation. Zonique won numerous other awards at the CEMSS Speech Day.

SPBS continues to blaze the trail as a reputable not for profit organization in the business of pursuing and endorsing academic excellence in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Year after year, the SPBS has not had to look very far to find a youth story of success worthy of mention. Zonique Brown’s story fits perfectly with the charter of SPBS.

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