Parry calls for CCM Ministers to resign

HonJosephParryA(ZIZ)– Former Premier of Nevis, the Honourable Joseph Parry, has called for the resignation of two senior members of the Nevis Island Administration’s cabinet.

This follows the recent revelation that one of the ministers, who is said to be a Director of Octagon Consultants And Services Limited, recently facilitated the sale of government owned lands for personal gain.

According to Parry, the other minister allegedly involved in the deal, offered 10 acres of land to an Iraqi national then channelled the funds through Octagon Consultants and Services Limited.

“Octagon Consultants and Services and Company Limited, US$1.5 million was transferred to this company from Iraq. Here is a member of UNITY in a private capacity, US$1.5 million being transferred,” he said. “So the man was going to buy the five acres but instead of that he buying 10 and the money is coming from Iraq and the money is coming to the government via a company known as [Octagon] Consultants and Services Company Limited.”

Parry also claimed that the Iraqi national was first approached by a national of Nevis who was interested in selling five acres of land in the St. James parish but was quickly hoodwinked by an NIA official who offered him 10 acres at the same price.

“Isn’t there some form of bribery here?” Parry asked. “Because if a senior member of cabinet is benefiting from a commission from a private transaction that involves government lands, there is a problem, even conflict of interest and I believe that there is enough information here to warrant a criminal case you know. It warrants firing of that minister, just like this matter of bribery warrants the firing of the senior minister there. These are two ministers involved in one transaction that should be fired or should resign you know,” he said.

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