Parry says CCM has presided over biggest Nevis scandal ever

JosephParry-1ZIZ News — A 22-minute speech by former Nevis Premier, Hon. Joseph Parry, addressed among other things, integrity in public life and victimization.

Parry is of the view that the image of small country leaders should be displayed in the behavior and conduct of people. He said however that the Concerned Citizens Movement-led government had failed to lead by example.

“In the recent political campaign, the present government spoke of a return to decency in government. They promoted integrity, transparency and good governance. What have we gotten instead? Victimization, fraudulent conduct of at least two senior officials who absconded with hundreds of thousands of dollars. One such officer has been at home for months on full salary,” he said.

According to Parry, the CCM administration had facilitated the biggest scandal Nevis had ever been involved in.

“A government that postured as the protector of crown lands, the people’s lands, has admitted to approving the sale of 10 acres of lands at Potworks to an Iraqi citizen,” he said. “Maybe nothing is wrong with that but one, only their cabinet knows of the sale, two, the person or persons purchasing the land have never gone through the villages of St. James to have public presentations of the development plans as is customary. Three, in fact, when Mr. Brantley…admitted that Cabinet was involved he, himself, failed to tell the people of Nevis what the plans for the area were.”

Parry continued listing, what he described as, as other discrepancies surrounding the much talked about almost 10-acre land deal.

“Four, it is obvious that no honest civil servant knew about the development nor did the planning board, made up of private citizens and a few public servants. Up to this minute, not a word of confirmation or denial from any of them. This is the best kept secret in a country which has a history of not being able to keep secrets,” he said.

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