Pedestrians Also Have A Responsibility To Be Safe On The Road Says Traffic Officer

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 8th 2021 (ZIZ News)  Pedestrians also have a responsibility to be safe on the road.

That’s according to Traffic Officer, Donaly Liburd-Chiverton during her appearance on the ZIZ Radio programme “On the Road” on Wednesday.

She explained that when an accident occurs between a vehicle and a pedestrian some persons may believe that only the motorist would be at fault. However this is not so in all cases.

Officer Liburd-Chiverton also added that if a pedestrian is at fault and might have sustained injuries during the accident they are still required to pay for damages to the motorist’s vehicle.

She urged persons to not put themselves in a position where accidents with motorists can occur.

“On the Road” airs every Wednesday on ZIZ Radio at 8:30am during the “Morning Show” with Gcue. It is also streamed live on ZIZ’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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