Pelican Bay to donate Two EC$5000 Grants to Community Organisations

DonLockman-1(ZIZ News) — Two community organisations stand to receive a significant boost from Pelican Bay, St. Kitts.

On Monday, ZIZ News caught up with Director of Sales and Marketing for Pelican Bay, Don Lockman who spoke of a contest that his company has organised to give back to the local community.

He said, “Our Directors out of Jamaica, being [a] Caribbean regional company, feel passionate about being good corporate citizens and giving back to the community so we developed two EC$5,000 grants that are available to any charitable organisation in St. Kitts. It’s a fairly simple process. All they have to do is go to our Facebook page and there’s a tab in there under contest. The rules and regulations are there. We try to make it really easy. It’s a simple form to put in your name and email and give us a little brief. What does your charity do? What would they do with the money? How would it benefit the people of St. Kitts?”, he explained.

The application process will run until May 6th. Lockman explained the procedure after the application process.

“We’re going to select six of those entries. The deadline is May 6th on the entries and we’re going to put it out to the community to vote on who they think should get the money and that will return the most to the country so it will be part of a Facebook application where somebody just goes on, lodges a vote and they’ll have a couple of weeks to vote and we’ll let the people of St. Kitts decide who should get the cheques and once we have that information in hand, a couple of weeks after that we’ll have a cheque handing over opportunity and we’re looking forward to helping out a couple of the local charities,” he explained.

Lockman used the opportunity to promote Pelican Bay by giving an overview of the ongoing project.

He said, “Pelican Bay is a new resort development under construction. We’re seven acres of Caribbean beachfront in the Frigate Bay area. It’s planned to be a 226 room fully operational resort/hotel [with] restaurants, bar, spa, conference rooms, so we’re looking forward to being a good asset to the island as part of the tourism product, bringing people long term for family vacations.”

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