PEP hospitality trainees hold wine and cheese tasting presentation

Basseterre, St. Kitts — PEP’s Programme Officer (Monitoring and Evaluations) Mrs Beverley Williams, after watching PEP hospitality trades trainees make a presentation, is satisfied that they are now ready for the workforce in their chosen career.

Mrs Williams made the observation on Thursday May 15 at the Advanced Vocational Education Centre (AVEC) in Basseterre, where the trainees are currently undergoing the technical phase of their training. Their presentation was on wine and cheese that elicited rave reviews from those in attendance.

“You have done very well today,” said Mrs Williams. “I really enjoyed your presentation and I am thanking you for working hard, and please learn as much as you can. You acted the part so well you look as if you were working at the (St. Kitts) Marriott (Resort). When I go over there to the Italian Restaurant, those girls sound just the way you sounded today.”

Mrs Williams, who was in the company of the Project Manager Mr Geoffrey Hanley and PEP Training Coordinator Mrs Celia Christopher, encouraged the trainees to keep on working hard at what they are doing and told them she was sure that they would be successful.

According to Mr Dominic Steven, Senior Facilitator, the objective of the event was to showcase the skills of the trainees, as well as to present evidence of what they have been taught. Other facilitators for the hospitality class are Mr Michael Guishard and Ms Leslean Roberts.

“The trainees are currently in the technical phase of their training and at the end of this phase they will be certified,” said Mr Steven. “Ladies and gentlemen you are invited here this morning to witness a wine and cheese presentation. Your presence here this morning is an indication of your support for the work of the People Employment Programme.”

In their quest to earn the qualification they are after, the trainees purchased all the wines, cheeses, and bread used during the presentation. Watching them with a keen interest was the Principal of AVEC, Mr Clyde Christopher.

He wears another important hat, as he is also the Chairman of the TVET Council of St. Kitts and Nevis, which will vet the certification of the People Employment Programme trainees.

Also present were PEP facilitators for the second hospitality class, which is based at Project Strong, Mr Jason Morton and Mrs Joan Millard. Other PEP facilitators present were Mrs Vanta Walters (Early Childhood), Ms Juliette Queeley (Cosmetology), Ms Dawn Mills (Entrepreneurial Development), and Mr Walcott Hillocks (Women in Construction Trades – WICT).

When the function started, facilitators Mr Dominic Steven, Ms Leslean Roberts, and Mr Michael Guishard sat back and watched as chairperson of the event Ms Sade Guthrie, who is one of the trainees, took charge and started introducing the fellow students who came in pairs. Hospitality trainees at AVEC had been extended a special invitation.

The first to present was the pair of Ms Elvesia Glasgow and Ms Jessica Skelter. Their table guests were Mr Daley Phipps, Director of Project Strong, Ms Michelle Demming, Executive Director of Latin Festival St. Kitts, and two AVEC hospitality students Miss Demi-qua Cannonier and Miss Mida Dias.

“I hope everyone ate this morning because you can’t consume alcohol on an empty stomach,” advised Ms Glasgow as she introduced the brand of wine she was about to serve. “The Casella Family is the founder of Yellow Tail wines in the town of Yenda, Australia.

“Yellow Tail Chardonnay is a tropical fruit wine with a citrus lift, flavoured with peach and melon with a creamy finish. It is enjoyed with cheddar cheese, white bread and regular crackers.”

Ms Glasgow then opened the bottle of wine and served a little portion to the ‘head’ of the table Mr Daley Phipps who after methodically swirling and sniffing it took a sip and pronounced that it was good, after which the others were served. Ms Skelter then served cheese and bread.

The process went on until all the trainees got the chance to make their presentation, and with few guests some had to go to the table to be served two or even three times. Other notable pairs included that of Mr Jamari Percival, the only male in the hospitality class, with Ms Genecia Walters, and that of the chairperson of the event, Ms Sade Guthrie, and Ms Leone Charles.

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