PEP staff observe Breast Cancer Awareness month

Basseterre, St. Kitts — Staff at the People Employment Programme (PEP) Secretariat in Dorset on Friday October 10 wore pink as they joined the rest of the world in observing Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is celebrated in the month of October.

“October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and last year the People Employment Programme participated in the march as well and we thought that it is something that is worthy of us supporting,” explained Mr Geoffrey Hanley, PEP Project Manager.

“In this respect the staff would have decided that we would wear pink as often as we can during this month of October in showing our solidarity to persons who are living with cancer and to those who would have fallen as a result the disease.”

The staff at the PEP office wore pink PEP T-shirts, and those who did not have the pink T-shirts wore pink tops. Everybody wore something pink.

“We in the PEP feel that we have created an impact on many lives and this is another way we thought that we could be of some sort of support to the cause,” said Mr Hanley. “For me it is passionate because I lost my step mother as a result of breast cancer and my aunt in recent months.

“So pink is a colour I always wear in remembrance of them and it is one that gives me hope and courage to be able to fight any adversities that might come. PEP is on target with supporting the whole cancer awareness and later down in the month the entire office will be decorated with pink balloons, and getting ready for the march.”

A frontline staff at the PEP office, Ms Amber Stapleton, explained that “the People Employment Programme is an organisation that touches lives and so we are wearing pink today to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We decided to wear our pink.”

According to Ms Stapleton, the People Employment Programme has been a blessing to many and she and her colleagues decided to join the cancer awareness campaign of not only breast cancerbut all cancers in general. She said that it is her hope that all the people who have been blessed by PEP would also get the blessing of being cancer free.

In an interview done last year, Ms Stapleton had said: “PEP is a wonderful programme as it is giving young people an opportunity to get themselves a hands-on feeling of their career, and what they want to do and giving them a chance.”

Her message has not changed and is urging all persons of goodwill to spread the message and borrowing from Pink Lily she said, “Let us knock out cancer.”

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